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Product Support & Feedback

Care Instructions

Cleaning Your Changing Station

Cleaning Mirror


Questions & Answers

The handle on my large bag doesn't extend all the way

We have seen images of the bag in other colors. Are those available?

Where are the stabilizers?

The side of my bag is bent! What do I do?

Are there pockets or pouches for storage inside the bag?

Is the black bag the same type of vinyl/shiny material as the pink?

Does the bag come with a warranty?

What is the weight limit for the garment-hanging bar?

The bars appear to be leaning when I hang garments. Is this normal?

Group Orders or fundraisers

When I extend the uHide hanging bar to use the privacy curtain, I noticed that the extensions droop and are loose. Is this normal?

Why does my bag look different than my friend's?

What are those hoops at the bottom corners of the curtain for?

What is considered to be a "manufacturing defect" for warranty coverage?

How do I store the top garment-hanging bar in the bag?

What's differences between Silky Dance invisible and seamless?

Oh no! My Glam'r Gear bag has torn! What can I do?

Glam'r Case - it keeps tipping forward!

Order Changes / Shipping Requests / Cancels

What is your deal-matching policy?

What is your cancellation policy?

I'm in the Kansas City area - how can I pick up my order and avoid shipping charges?



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