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Glam'r Gear™ Changing Station

Glam'r Gear™ Changing Station - Glam'r Gear


We know there are many dance bags out there.  Thank you for choosing Glam'r Gear™ Changing Station!!  The original, Ultimate, All-In-One dance bag.

While we were experiencing our first dance competition season with our little one, we realized that we needed a bag that:

  • Allows for a privacy curtain (with uHide™ system)
  • Has more shimmer/sparkle
  • Has a brighter lining.
  • Maneuvers on 4- spinning wheels
  • Can be set up fast and easily
  • Adjusts for different heights 
  • Has a sturdy rack
  • Can be zipped up while the hanging rack is in use
  • Removable thermal pouch insert (easy to clean!)

We were not able to find one that fully met our needs, so we decided to design a new, patent-pending model, called Glam'r Gear! It not only has a hanging rack that doubles as a wardrobe, and all the functions above, but it also has MORE!


  • Standard: Approx. 26" L x 16" W x 17.5" H ( 6 - 9 costumes )
  • Large: Approx. 33" L x 18" W x 19" H ( 10-17 costumes  )

Please note:

a. The measurements are estimated, as the bag is semi-soft, not a hard case.

b. Costume capacity is a suggestion, not absolute, as costumes may come in all different sizes and materials.

c. The Large bag is BIG!  Please check dimensions above to see if it will fit in your car prior to ordering.  Check the smallest part of your trunk or doorway (usually the outer opening) to compare dimensions. Hint:  you might have to turn it sideways to fit  into your trunk or back seat.ack seat.

Included with Glam'r Gear™ bag purchase:

  • Bag
  • Top Hanging Bar
  • Bar Stabilizer Set
  • Thermal Insert
  • One blank patch (can be personalized)
  • uHide® Privacy Curtain (if this option is selected)

One of our happy customers just told us: 

"I'm loving the design so much!!  Those caster wheels? Game. Changer. My back thanks you already!!"

All silver bags, standard pink, and large black will be back in stock early May.

$ 245.00

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