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About Us

Thanks for checking us out. Glam'r Gear® is a registered trademark, and our patented Changing Station bag holds a patent in multiple countries. Our innovative LED mirror is also patent-pending.  Our mission is to empower performers and athletes by offering amazing gears. #goforitwithstyle #glamrgear

Glam'r Gear® is the pioneer of the dance bags with rack.  We are the first ones to initiate the pre-order selling method to gain better inventory control. We are the first to have changed the liner to be in lighter color. We are the first ones with stool pocket on the side that doesn't require a huge pouch...  While other brands claim original, they just keep following our lead!

While we were experiencing our first dance competition season with our little one, we realized that we needed a bag that:

  • Allows for a privacy curtain 
  • Has more shimmer/sparkle
  • Has a brighter lining 
  • Maneuvers on 4- spinning wheels
  • Can be set up fast and easily
  • Adjusts for two different heights, so it grows with your dancer!
  • Has a sturdy rack
  • Can be zipped up while the hanging rack is in use

We were not able to find one that fully met our needs, so we decided to design a new, patent-pending model, called Glam'r Gear­­®!  We, as inventors, while developing the products, have visited many different factories and various countries... Finally, the patented uHide® system was born.

uHide® Privacy Curtain

uHide® Privacy Curtain


This bag is designed with privacy in mind. And...

The Bag is NOT just for dancers. It will be great for events such as:

  •  Ice Skaters or Cheerleaders need a quick change before a show or competition, but restrooms are often packed.  And believe me, it's no fun changing clothes next to the toilet. 
  • Street/fair vendors fast pack and go. The wardrobe feature allows you to display or repack garments FAST in a compact way. Moreover, when a customer want to try on the clothes, this is your temporary portable fitting room.
  • Outdoor entertainers:  you might want to have a quick hideout or changing area.
  • A room without closet? This is very common in some countries around the world. Or maybe you're going to a camp-site and it's hard to find a privacy cover? You definitely should bring Glam'r Gear™ with you!
  • Photographers, Beauty Pageants, Fashion Show Models... And more.
  • Removable trolley racks. If you decide not to use the hanging rack or privacy curtain function for the trip,  you can just remove the trolley rack. Rock this shimmering bag everywhere!

Multiple heights : Changing Station™ features adjustable height, so it's suitable for young children or taller adults. The hanging rack can stop at  about 51", or about 61".

Simple set-up!
Simple set-up!

We took the innovation one step further by adding a feature that simply didn't exist anywhere else: the ability to close your bag while the hanging rack is still deployed.. allowing the safer and private storing of your personal belongings. 

Privacy Cover
Privacy Cover

Privacy Cover : While you are away from your bag, you have the peace of mind that no one can easily peek inside your bag, since the cover of the bag is able to be fully zipped up.

The bag is easy to maneuver, using the four spinning wheels that come standard.  In addition, we chose a light color of bag lining so  you don't need a flash light to find things inside the duffel bag.

See the use of hanging rack function.

Multi-tasking Bar: Hang Clothes AND Privacy Curtain!
Multi-tasking Bar: Hang Clothes AND Privacy Curtain!

 Glam'r Gear's patented functions facilitate privacy to change in a public area.

Decorative crown caps
Decorative crown caps

We quickly found ourselves in the position of pioneers for the features we wanted to add, as many of the parts were unavailable. So, we had them custom-made! Through trial and error, and relentless pursuit of quality, we brought Glam'r Gear® to market.



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