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Use Instructions

Thank you for your decision to purchase your new Glam'r Gear™ mobile changing station!
  1. Open your bag and unzip the covers for the two vertical trolley handles,
    Two height options are available.  To set up at your desired height, raise the handles all the way up first, then lower them to lock into place.
  2. Remove the hanging bar from the bag (you may have to turn it slightly diagonally inside the bag) and place on top of both trolley handles
  3. Affix the two (2) stabilizers onto each trolley handle as shown, just above the first extensions, at the lowest part of the bag, arrows facing outward:
  4. Extend outward each end of the hanging bar, and attach the uHide® privacy curtain (sold separately):
  5. Reverse steps 1-4 to disassemble.
  6. Optional Stool Storage.  The diagonal pocket on the back of the bag and the strap above it are intended for storage of a stool, as shown:

Please note:  Do not carry the bag on your side with the bag resting on your hip.  The side support bars are not designed to sustain this pressure and may bend or even break, which is accidental damage not covered by the warranty.

Avoid sun or heat exposure for prolonged periods of time - this could fade the material, and this is not covered by the warranty.  We offer protective covers for sale in the ‘accessories’ section of our site.

The extensions on the hanging bar are designed only for use with a privacy curtain.  Although you may be able to hang something very light on the first segment of the extension, hanging costumes/clothing is not intended for the extensions and may void the warranty on the bar.



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