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Wheel - Glam'r Gear


$ 7.00

Note:  We must ask that you buy only a maximum of ONE set of wheels.  Wheels are limited stock, and other people may also need them - please be considerate of others.

 Replacement wheel for your Glam'r Gear®!  Please roll your Changing Station ON ALL FOUR WHEELS, not the back two.. and this will prolong the lifespan of your bag and its wheels!

Wheel "B" is on the side of the bag closest to the thermal pouch.  Wheel "C" is on the side of the bag where you can attach a stool.

Hardware is not included.  You must reuse your existing hardware to install the wheels.

 IMPORTANT!  If there is any writing on the sides of your wheels, please email a photo showing the writing to:  We'll need to know right away!

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